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               Common Survivalist Field Skills Primer
 CSFSP is a designed to give the Survivalist student a basic level of understanding in a number of commonly used field skills of the Survivalist. The CSFSP is, as the name implies, a primer, and not all inclusive. It gives a new Survivalist an idea of what skills need to be worked on, and where they stand in understanding the individual topics. 

                                         The Secure Base Camp

-Defensive terrain analysis          

-Site security

                                            Moving Defensively
                  -Patrol Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
-LandNav / Compass, Map, and Using the pace count


-Commercial shelters

                                       -Improvised field shelters
                                                Fire Building



-Improvised starting techniques

                           Food Procurement And Preparation

-Trapping / Snares and Conibears

       -Hunting / Black powder firearms (muzzleloaders), and archery
          -Fishing / Commercial and improvised tackle and fish traps

-Cooking implements and tools

                          Water Procurement And Treatment

-Water sources / Above ground and underground sources

           -Water treatment / Filtration and purification techniques

                            Defensive and Hunting Firearms
    -Types available / Battle and Assault rifles, pistols and shotguns
  -Firearms familiarization / familiarization fire and field stripping

     The RBTEC, is designed to give a two-man team the prerequisite skills necessary to survive and support each other in a hostile, combatant rich environment. RBTEC is for the individual with limited time, but
 has a need for essential defensive coordination (with a buddy) skills training.

                                     Learning the individual movement skills needed
                                      to reduce exposure  in a hostile environment

                                 BUDDY TEAM
                                         Implementing IMT skills with a partner.
                    REVIEW OF TC3 PROTOCOLS
                                Discussion of Tactical Combat Casualty Care requirements
                                           in a non permissive environment.
                             BATTLE DRILLS
                      Standard reactionary tactics and techniques, used by a buddy
                             team in a hostile situation, encountered by a patrol

                                                      PATROL- DAY/NIGHT
                              Introduction to day and night patrolling tactics and
                               techniques used to observe and defend your area.

                         WEAPON AND EQUIPMENT SELECTION
                            Review of firearms, and related equipment available
                              to the law abiding citizen for defending your area.

                                               COMBAT MULTIPLIERS
                Equipment which gives a tremendous advantage to the buddy team
                is discussed and demonstrated. Example: Commo, Night vision etc.
                                                              THE HIDE SITE
                                Setting up a HIDE SITE is discussed, practices,
                                  then implemented into a patrolling exercise.

                         LIVE FIRE EXERCISE
       This will combine a patrolling exercise, along with a review and implementation
           of the Break Contact and Assault Battle Drills and will culminate with a live
                                                          fire exercise.

For class dates email

1.Firearm (Long gun) which can use blanks, a Semi auto (AR/AK) type rifle w/ blank adapter is required. (If your not sure, call and ask.)    

 RBTEC-200 rounds-blank/200 rounds-live
 RSF-SUTATS (100-102)-500 blank/200-live

.Bare Minimum- load bearing gear to carry 120 rounds of 
   ammo, 2qts. of water, and knife.
3. Weather appropriate sleeping gear (Sleeping bag and
Shelter), hygiene items, and food/water for 2 days, 2 nights in the fieldif unsure, ask.
4. Field and weather appropriate clothing for training.

5. Ear protection, clear shooting glasses, and knee pads  
     are required, elbow pads are recommended.

                      Neighborhood Protection Teams
                         Community Defense Groups
                                Survivalist Groups    
                          Regional Security Forces                          
           Small Unit Tactics And Techniques Series              
 RSF-SUTATS has been developed specifically for           groups. There is a minimum personnel requirement for the 100, 101,102 classes (6 minimum), all others are a minimum of 4 personnel per class, and prices for those classes are available upon request. Class dates are set up via email or phone contact made with MDT.
See individual and group pricing below in the Costs and Directions section.

Courses taught by MDT are marked with an asterisk*
1-Small Unit Tactics And Techniques Series
-Individual and Buddy Team*

101-Neighborhood Protection Team and Group* 
102-RSF-SUTATS "Basic" Course 
Review and Test.*
103-LandNav* Mason Dixon Survival Institute (MDSI) class. 

104-TEOTWAWKISTAN Commo (NP Area communications)
-Grid-Down Casualty Care 
106-Urban and Suburban Vehicle Evacuation Operations*
107-Unarmed Defensive Tactics (with and w/out equipment)*
108-NPT Long Range Marksmanship Essentials
109-Retreat and Homestead Defense*
110-The CBRN Environment*

2-Addressing Administrative Needs In Your Group
-Group Leading Procedures*

201-Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) Development*

202-Creating a TEOTWAWKISTAN Logistics Plan*
3-Primitive and Homestead Skills 
300-Intro To Survival (Wilderness Survival Page) MDSI*
301-Survival Essentials Course (Wilderness Survival Page) MDSI*
302-Survival Advanced Course (Wilderness Survival Page) MDSI*
303-Intro To Archery Hunting(MDSI)*
304-Intro To Blackpowder/Flintlock Muzzleloader (MDSI)*
305-Intro To The Trapline (MDSI)*
306-Fishing Primer (MDSI)
307-Gardening For Beginners
308-Tanning Your Hide
309-Maintaining A Safe Homestead, Sanitation And Hygiene Issues*
310-Equine Skills, Saddling And Packing Your Horse*
4-Cottage Industry Skills
400-Blacksmithing For The Beginner
401-Peddler/Bartering In TEOTWAWKISTAN
402-Gunsmithing Primer*
All courses are Saturday and Sunday, unless noted.

The Mason Dixon Tactical Blog is at

Costs and Directions
The CSFSC and RBTEC cost is $400. The RSF Series 100-102 rates are $400 from 1-6 students, $300 for 7-9 students, and $200 for 10 or more. Cost and scheduling inquiries for other courses need to be made by email.
 for equipment list/ registration form. Full payment is due upon registration. Our Wilderness Survival/Survivalist courses regular training site (Echo Valley Training Center: is located in Hampshire Co. WV, West of Winchester Va, and depending on location, I have and will travel to your site if it meets the course requirements. Applicants will receive directions and a list of required gear by email, upon acceptance of their application. All payments for courses will be check or money order, and there is a thirty student maximum per class. Cancellations will receive a refund of half of the course fee, up to three weeks prior to the start date, no other refunds will be given.
Other courses are available (Basic and Advanced Wilderness Survival, Land Nav, CBRN, First Aid/TC3, Rappelling/Climbing etc.), as well as group or individual Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun instruction (Note: All students taking Defense and/or Firearms courses will be required to sign a waiver, verifying their lack of a criminal/felony record or restriction from owning a firearm, before acceptance into a course, if you can legally buy/own a firearm, you can take the course).
Courses can be specifically designed and set up to a certain group or individuals requirements, and the class maximum student limit will be waived if necessary. Tell us your desired training needs, and we'll tell you if we can help.
  Most of MDT's Primary Instructors (PI's) have a military background in Combat Arms, either Infantry, Recon, Airborne, Ranger, and/or Special Forces. The majority have seen combat, and understand personally what level of dedication is required to be prepared for a real world, non-permissive environment scenario (TEOTWAWKISTAN). Our instructors have dedicated a large part of their lives to learning and maintaining the Survivalist skills they teach MDT students, and are constantly striving to increase their knowledge base to make our curriculum even better. 
This experience is invaluable for the students, when they understand that we're not just "Sayers", we're "Doers". 
For inquiries concerning the courses, contact MDT at,
 or by phone at 240-818-1029. You will be advised of the application process at that time.
Mason Dixon Tactical LLC is based out of South Central PA 
                J.C. Dodge Owner/Head Instructor 





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